I am an artist/illustrator, maker & crafty girl. I have owned a creative business in one form or another since graduating from college in the early 90's...pre-photoshop. I have worked in many mediums over the years, but found my favorite  is a combination of watercolor, gouache, marker & colored pencils. 
I as a mom of 5, much of my art has been inspired by the blissful little world and adventures of my children. I hope that my images evoke the carefree happiness of children. 
When I am not drawing I can be found spending time with my hubby,children and six (yes six!) dogs...5 mini dachshunds and a bull mastiff. I am a group fitness instructor and cycling coach, and an avid distance runner, cyclist and love to compete in triathlons. I thrive on being fit and healthy and choose to be the best I can be everyday
 Please contact me if you have a question or are interested in my work...I'd love to hear from you!
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